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Warranty, RMA, and Repair in USA--CYCLONEFPV

About US Warranty, RMA, and Repair Center, a Texas based company, which is the official warranty replacement and repair center for HGLRC products, allows for all USA local clients to ship defective items within warranty to and avoid long delays due to overseas shipping time. Warranty, RMA, and Repair Policy
If you have any questions about warranty replacement/repair policies, please visit
*30 days for replacement
*60 days for repair

You are required to have a proof of purchase that falls within the date range no later than 60 days from the the date you submit the online request.

Warranty claims will not cover the following:
1. Items that are damaged due to crashes
2. Items that were subjected to misuse
3. Items that were installed and/or configured incorrectly
4. Items that were operated outside of their specified use and ability
5. Items that do not have a valid proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. 
Contact for Support
RMA# (to be issued to you)
Toll Free Number:833-LETS-RIP (538-7747)

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